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Listen to Legomaker - The Progam is You - Mp3 Plastic Downloads Below

The Program is You (full album) Zipped

001. the open and shut

002. are you
003. i really shouldnt
004. hello little mine
005. a better man
006. fade away
007. the name
008. my demise
009. expecialy you
010. are you listening
011. the eraser (dj free vs. mood area 52)

Who is Legomaker? Legomaker began when DJ Free of the Raging Family (DMC turntablist, and NW hip hop producer) began cutting and chopping beats into tiny lego like bricks. Soon Joey (A.K.A. Unckle Nancy) heard the music and lent his crooning Robert Smith meets Faith no More vocal style to the mix. Soon after Tiphany Lynn Hohmann and Cosmos Corbin (pictured below) of the Raging Family joined the group.

Photo Credits : The Ambient Workout Instructor