We are three brothers who love making music.
Below is a chronological list of the musical projects
we have been part of since 2002. We invite
you to download and share the Mp3's below.

Tell me more about these brothers...

Golden Age Conservatory Golden Age Conservatory- Eden
2010 - Raging Family
A Tribute to the Classical Masterminds.
Bomb Bay Doors- DJ Free
2008 - Not For Sale
Re-edits and Mashups from DJ Free.
Space Tragedy Space Tragedy - Raging Family
2007 - Raging Family
The sequel to 2005 black holes, an epic saga set in the sixth dimension of outer space.
The Best Mashups Are From Portland - Cosmos
2007 - Not for sale
"this guy’s marriages of Portland indie rock hits and Top 40 R&B hits are timeless. " - Willamette Weekly
High's And Lows - Marv Ellis and Cosmos
2007 - Raging Family
"A touch of RJD2 with the feeling that I always overestimated in Mos Def." - Music is Not Dead
The Program is You - Legomaker
2006 - Raging Family
Electro IDM from DJ Free and Joey of Unckle Nancy, dense ultra glitch crooning.
The "Raging Family" Le Bleu Sessions - Justin King
2006 - Blackberry Hill Studios
"Beautiful and deep, it reaches into your soul and rests there."
- Eugene Weekly
Guevara's Ghost - Cosmos and Mood Area 52
2006 - Rocket Boy Arts
"It's a wonder the slick, jittery, sexy, neurotic, sultry CD hasn't found a wider audience." - Eugene Weekly
Black Holes - Raging Family
2005 - Raging Family
"the electro-clash abandon of Meat Beat Manifesto, the jazz exploration of Miles Davis and Sun Ra Arkestra" - 3hive.com
UltraSur- Raging Family
2005 - Raging Family
The incredible nightlife, scenic countryside, calming ocean, and people of chile helped to inspire this original project.
Talk Sick Buffet - Raging Family
2005 - Raging Family
Hip Hop compilation, produced by DJ Free featuring MC's from the Northwest.
Hot Tub Breaks & Hot Shower Breaks - Raging Family
2003 - Yellow Lab Records
Our break records, required materials at San Franisisco's DJ school.
Everywhere is Zoom - Raging Family
2003 - Raging Family
Experimental glitch lounge album.
Longhorn Pete's Adventures in Hollywood - Raging Family
DJ set, original tracks and remixes
Old School Project - Raging Family
DJ set, turntablism
If I Remix You Tonight - Raging Family
DJ set, original tracks and remixes
Grow - Genus Pro
2003 - Fat Kid Records
Genus Pro's deubut album, NW hip hop.
Speed of Life - Raging Family
2002 - Raging Family
“Sounds like Massive Attack or Rae and Christian at their best. Get this.” - Groove Distribution

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