Definitive Black Holes Science Page.
new information reveals.

What is the most thuggin entity in the Universe? You might have guessed Scarface, Wu-Tang or even MrT. Right? Right?.... WRONG....

Modern science has proved without a doubt that Super Massive Black Holes are uncontested as the most thuggin entities in the universe. Mr Wizard from MIT (pictured above) has provided us with the top 10 reasons black holes are thuggin. Protect your neck because facts are for real.


10. Nobody can escape a black hole. You might be able to escape the po-po's or D-Bo, but you cannot escape a black hole. Not even light can escape a black hole.

9. Black holes emit a B-flat bass sound which is A MILLION BILLION times deeper then you can even hear. It's so deep it would make your head explode if you were withen a million miles of it. I don't care how pimped out your ride is, let's hear your trunk system get more bass than this. If you don't believe it check out nasa's site.

8. Black holes are the OG's of the universe. Some theories even state that they existed before the current big bang, or that the big bang even came out of a super old black hole. What! you think you are more OG than that.

7. Black Holes mama's are supernova. Try to make a your mama joke about that.

6. Bruce Lee might know Jeet Kun Do, but if you even got CLOSE to a black hole it would stretch your body into a spagetti strand, and then tear you apart... WITH GRAVITY... that's like Darth Vader, but 10 times more badass.

5. Black holes are cold, yo. They don't care about beeyotches, or their momies or anything like that. They are on a single track mission to consume the ENTIRE universe.

4. Black holes are doing time, hard time. At the event horizen time virtualy STOPS. That means... well, it means some craaaaaazzzzyyy shit.

3. You know how muscle wieghs more than fat, well 1 square inch of a black hole wieghs way more than your entire neighboorhood.

2. You know how you throw a party and if your lucky you get enough people over to fill up your house... Well if a black hole was in your house, it would be filled up... With the ENTIRE EARTH.

1. dark matter. DARK matter.


II used to not be so scared, but now that I'm informed I'm scared shitless. I can't even sleep at night. Thanks Mr Wizard!"
-Bilbo B (New Mexico)

This one goes out to you Black Hole, if your ever in East L.A. look up the X-cecutioners.
-DJ Craze (L.A.)

We don't give a shit about black holes, let that punk as try to fuck with the Eastside, we are gettin CRUNK in heaaar, YEEEAAAAHHH! WHATTT!.... -Lil John (Florida)

Whoa, these guys better check themselves before they wreck themselves. A black hole is going to fuck them up!

If I hadn't been a player, I
would have become an
anstronomer. Why?
Supermassive Black Holes.

-Hugh Heff (Playboy Mansion)







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07. Latent Destructive Power
08. The Exploding Symphony of Madness
09. Summer Kisses
10. Pond Dub
11. Dramatic Acceleration into the center of the galaxy.
12. The Supermassive Black Hole
13. Requiem #556

The black holes CD, is reflective of the Raging Family's Live show over the past 2 years.

Typically these songs are performed with Cosmos on the laptop / bass, Eden on the Keyboard, and freeman on the Electric Guitar.

Here we see Commodore Redbeard, of the black holes exploration team accepting the gratitude of the human race for teaching them about the black hole menace.